Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my Password?

  • Go to CareerCentral
  • Click on ‘Recruiters and Educators
  • Select the ‘Forgot Password’ tab.
  • Follow the directions to have a reset code emailed to you.
  • Copy the reset code into the form and select a new password.  You may then navigate to the login page and login using your new password.

How do I Request an Interview?

Contact Lauren Dood at interviews@uwo.ca or call 519-661-3559.

How do I View Job Applicants?

From the 'Job Postings' screen, click on 'Applications' in the upper left hand corner


From the job posting, click on 'Applications' in the upper left hand corner. 

If you have requested documents to be uploaded via CareerCentral, they will be available here.

How do I Hire a Volunteer? 

There are many ways to hire volunteers at The University of Western Ontario: please contact the Experiential Learning team at experience@uwo.ca

How do Not-for-Profit Organizations Work with Western?

If you are interested in collaborating with Western, please contact our Experiential Learning Team.

How do I post a Work Study position?

The Work Study program is administered by Student Financial Services and job postings are hosted at workstudy.uwo.ca. Please contact wstudy@uwo.ca with any questions.


CareerCentral Job Posting Policies

The Student Success Centre reserves the right to refuse access to employer CareerCentral accounts for any reason. Additionally, The Student Success Centre reserves the right to decline any job posting submitted for any reason.

We request that all organizations refrain from posting the same position more than once within the same semester to avoid the posting becoming stale. If your organization is looking for candidates for the same position(s) year-around, please consider the Employer Spotlight as one of your recruiting options.

The Student Success Centre adheres to the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment published by Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). This guideline outlines some of the best practices in campus recruiting as well as expectations and responsibilities for all parties. The complete guideline can be found at: http://www.cacee.com/recruitment.html

Here are some areas to highlight as they pertain to third party recruiters:

  • Third party recruiters will be asked to identify their employer clients in order that educational institutions can determine that the position listed is an actual opportunity and that it does not duplicate a position already listed with the educational institution. This information will not be shared with applicants.
  • Candidates' resumes must not be held in the files of the third party recruiter for later referral to other positions unless authorized by the candidate