Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my Password?

  • Go to CareerCentral
  • Click on ‘Recruiters and Educators
  • Select the ‘Forgot Password’ tab.
  • Follow the directions to have a reset code emailed to you.
  • Copy the reset code into the form and select a new password.  You may then navigate to the login page and login using your new password.

How do I Request an Interview?

Contact Lauren Dodd at interviews@uwo.ca or call 519-661-3559.

How do I View Job Applicants?

From the 'Job Postings' screen, click on 'Applications' in the upper left hand corner


From the job posting, click on 'Applications' in the upper left hand corner. 

If you have requested documents to be uploaded via CareerCentral, they will be available here.

How do I Hire a Volunteer? 

There are many ways to hire volunteers at The University of Western Ontario: please contact the Experiential Learning team at experience@uwo.ca

How do Not-for-Profit Organizations Work with Western?

If you are interested in collaborating with Western, please contact our Experiential Learning Team.

How do I post a Work Study position?

The Work Study program is administered by Student Financial Services and job postings are hosted at workstudy.uwo.ca. Please contact wstudy@uwo.ca with any questions.


CareerCentral Standards of Use

All organizations recruiting at Western University are expected to comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws, including but not limited to laws relating to human rights, employment standards, occupational health and safety, and labour laws. The Student Success Centre at Western University reserves the right to prohibit an employer from  posting employment opportunities based on an employer’s failure to comply with the law, and complaints, behaviors or actions contrary to the guidelines listed in this document, and for any other reason at the reasonable discretion of The Student Success Centre.

Students and alumni are strongly encouraged to thoroughly research organizations/opportunities posted on CareerCentral prior to applying. Should The Student Success Centre have questions about a posting, we will contact the employer via phone or email for more details.

Should an employer have questions about this document or recruiting at Western University, they may contact the Employer Relations Team in The Student Success Centre at:

• 519-661-3619


Creating an Organization

An employer initially creating their organization in CareerCentral will provide the full name of their company.

Creating a Division

Divisions are used to separate hiring units within the same organization. For example, Company XYZ has offices with hiring units on both the east and west coast. Therefore, there are 2 separate divisions under this organization: East Coast and West Coast. The east coast staff will create employer profiles under the East Coast Division, and the west coast staff will create profiles under the West Coast Division.

If an organization has only one Division, the Division name will be the same as the organization name.

Creating an Employer Profile

An employer profile will provide full organization contact details, including an email with a valid domain associated with their organization. Employer emails that have a generic domain (hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc.) or are missing pertinent details will be contacted to validate the authenticity of their account.

Types of Opportunities Permitted on CareerCentral

1. Paid full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, and summer jobs: These are employment opportunities that receive standard hourly or salaried income from an employer.

2. Paid Internship/Co-op Work Terms: All internship and co-op work terms are subject to approval by the relevant campus coordinator. To review the different internship/co-op programs offered at Western, please see our website. When accessing the Internship/Co-op portal in CareerCentral to post your jobs, please click on the program links provided for detailed information about a particular co-op or internship program. Should you have questions or require confirmation of program qualifications, please email: hirewesternu@uwo.ca

Types of Opportunities Also Permitted, with Certain Guidelines

3. Entrepreneurial/Franchise Opportunities: Entrepreneurial/fanchise opportunities are defined as offering one or more of the following:

• Students run their own business or franchise, but no formal salary is offered

• Compensation is based on commission

• Student pays fees for training and/or materials

• Opportunity involves penalties and/or fees if the franchisee leaves the program

All initial investments such as associated upfront fees must be indicated in the posting. The Student Success Centre also reserves the right to request an updated copy of the employment contract to keep on-file.

4. Third Party Recruiters: Third-party recruiters, as defined by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE), are considered to be agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting students for employment opportunities with other organizations. 

• Third party recruiters must disclose the name of the employer for each submitted posting to hirewesternu@uwo.ca on a confidential basis. This information will not be released to students unless permission to release is granted by the third party recruiter.

• No direct referrals will be made for vacancies listed by third party recruiters without posting and/or contacting candidates with the information relating to the position.

• Candidates' resumes must not be held in the files of the third party recruiter for later referral to other positions unless authorized by the candidate.

Opportunities Not Permitted on CareerCentral

1. Opportunities that require applicants to pay up front fees as part of the application process.

2. Third Party International Internship/Co-op Opportunities: Organizations offering third party internship/co-op abroad must contact Western International . If you are unsure if your opportunity is considered a third party international internship/co-op, please email: hirewesternu@uwo.ca 

3. Volunteer/Unpaid opportunites: As of May 21st, 2017 we no longer host a Volunteer/Unpaid portal on CareerCentral. Please contact Pillar Nonprofit Network to discuss posting volunteer opportunities in the London and surrounding area.