High Achieving

High Achieving

Western students demonstrate academic excellence

  • Western consistently has had the highest mean entrance average of all registered incoming secondary school students.
  • Over 1200 Western Scholars Honour Society Members enter with a 90% grade point average and maintain a high average through their undergraduate experience.
  • 200 passionate Scholar's Elective students pursue individualized, faculty mentored research and degrees. 

Varsity athletes shine in both the classroom and on the field

  • They possess a unique combination of a first-class education combined with skills and experience all suited to help them succeed in the workplace.
  • Western student athletes manage high-performance sport and a rigorous academic schedule, resulting in exceptional time management skills and reflecting their strong work ethic, which helps them succeed in a wide variety of work environments.
  • Being able to manage both high-performance sport and a rigorus academic schedule results in Western student athletes being able to not only properly manage their time, but to use their strong work ethic to succeed
  • Given their background in sports, Western student-athletes have the experience and ability to work within a high-performing team environment, as well as the leadership skills needed in today’s workplace).
  • Over the past two years Western has produced the highest number of CIS All-Canadians, student-athletes with an average of 80% or greater, in the country and in 2013-14, 30% of all Mustangs student-athletes achieved an 80% or higher average.

Varsity athletes make for strong employees. Through their rigorous training, Student-Athletes learn very important characteristics that employers highly value, including leadership, perseverance, teamwork, goal-orientation and competitiveness.

Light up your organization with these bright minds and high achievers. hirewesternu.