Funding Sources for For-Profit/Private Employers

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Please note: this is intended as a resource. Western does not endorse these funding sources and cannot guarantee this information is totally accurate. We encourage you to visit the individual websites for more information.

To hire Undergraduate Students

Canada Summer Jobs

Provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. Not-for-profit employers are eligible for up to 100% of the provincial/territorial adult minimum hourly wage. Public and private-sector employers are eligible for up to 50% of the provincial/territorial adult minimum hourly wage.



Career Ready 2 - Wage Subsidy for London Tech Employers

Career Ready funding is available to help London Tech and Digital Creative Companies who hire third year Liberal Arts summer interns enrolled in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Information & Media Studies, Music, and Social Science (including DAN Management and Organizational Studies) at Western. Western, with the support of The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development’s Career Ready Fund, will reimburse employers 25% of an intern’s wages (up to $3,000) upon the student’s successful completion of the internship. Funding is available for hosting 10-16 week summer internships between May 1, 2019 and August 30, 2019.

Learn more at http://hirewesternu.ca/hire_western_talent/work_integrated_learning_wil/artsintech.html

Digital Skills Youth Internship Program

Sponsored by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and delivered in partnership with the YMCA, the Digital Skills Youth Internship Program places post-secondary graduate interns in private, non-profit and charitable sectors across Canada. It's main objective is to enable unemployed or under-employed young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30 to acquire the experience and skills they need to meet the needs of a knowledge-based economy.
Mentoring is a key feature of the program. Each internship must have an identified mentor who will assist the intern in acquiring knowledge and skills as well as visualising career goals and ways to reach them.

An internship is not a specific position, and the intern does not replace employees. An internship is a flexible, practical assignment, geared to providing a young person with meaningful opportunities to develop employability skills in preparation for subsequent employment at the end of the internship.


NSERC - Colleges and Universities

$4,500 non-repayable grant for private companies that hire undergraduate researchers

  • Short-term (i.e. 6 months) research and development funding grants through NSERC Engage
  • Long-term (i.e. 5 years) research and development funding grants through NSERC CRD


Ontario Co-Op Tax Credit

Maximum credit for each work placement is $3,000 with minimum employment period of 10 weeks up to a maximum of four months.

Dependant on company profits, # of employees and allocation of the tax code.


Ontario Innovation Tax Credit (OITC)

10% refundable tax credit, up to $300,000 per year.

For Ontario corporations that hire students for scientific research and experimental development.


Science Horizons Youth Internship Program

If your business or not-for-profit organization undertakes environmental science projects, you could receive up to $12,000 to hire an intern for at least six months.


To hire Graduate Students

MITACS - Accelerate Ontario (Masters & PhD Students)

Each 4-month internship project receives $15,000 in direct funding, with the partner organization and Mitacs each providing $7,500


National Research Council Canada Industrial Research Assistance Programs (NRC-IRAP)

Funding goes toward graduate student's salary, up to $30,000 for Canadian manufacturing companies


To hire New Graduates

Career Focus – Regional

Financial assistance may be provided to cover all or a portion of the costs associated with operating and delivering approved activities to help facilitate youth transition into the labour market. This funding is open to new graduates and can cover the cost of wages.

Funding is distributed by a Canadian Sectoral Council through wage subsidies that can range from $12.5k – $15k or 33%-50% of wages for a 4-12 month internship for post-secondary graduates.


Environmental Youth Corps

Your business may be eligible to hire a young professional for a full-time position in a field related to the environment, including environmental protection, resource management, and sustainability. The position should offer some international exposure.


Science and Technology Internship Program

If you operate a business in the geomatics, geology, mining, forestry or energy industry, you could get up to $13,200 to hire a recent university or college graduate in a natural science field for an internship of up to 52 weeks.


Science Horizons


Skills Link

You could get up to $50,000 to hire and train a youth between the ages of 15 and 30 for projects that last up to 30 weeks. Your project can be either local or regional. You need to hire youth who are registered with this program and who are at risk of not finding a job.


STIP (Science & Technology Internship Program) Green Jobs

Are you an organization looking to attract and retain highly skilled talent? Learn more about the STIP Green Jobs wage subsidy program that will help you find new graduates seeking work experience in: Mining and Minerals, Energy, Forestry or Earth Sciences. Access funding of up to 80% of each intern’s salary, to a maximum of $10,000 for a full-time, 4-month internship that supports a motivated and qualified new graduate! http://www.uwo.ca/enviro/img/news/ForOrgs2016.pdf 

Talent Edge Internship Program

OCE provides at $10,000 contribution for a project-based internship with a clearly-defined R&D component.


Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant was created to provide training to Canadian employees in order to improve their employability and in-demand skillsets. COJG offers non-repayable grant contributions of 66% of training costs (ie. course, exams, textbooks, software resources, etc.) up to a max limit of $10k per trainee.


Connect Canada Internship

Supports the hiring of an intern in any research field, including natural sciences, engineering, economy, social science, health, environment and ethics by matching up to $5000 of the partnership company’s contribution. The company will tap into the intern’s skillset in order to solve an R&D problem over a 4-6 month project.


IRAP Youth Employment Program

Designed to assist funding of hiring young Canadian post-secondary graduates. Graduate can be applied to most areas from business development to technical to customer service/administration. Amount: Max support of $15k (80% of salary) for a period of 6 to 12 months. Fulltime hire for graduate student under the age of 31 years.


For the Food Industry

Agri-Innovation (Federal program)

Novel or innovative product for Canada - has to chemically/physically change a food product)

Industry-led Research and Development Stream: Provide non-repayable contributions to approved applicants, and/or support in the form of collaborative assistance given by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Enabling Commercialization and Adoption Stream: Provides repayable contributions to approved industry-led pre-commercial demonstration, commercial or adoption projects


Food Career Focus Program 2

Offers $1 for $1 wage subsidy, up to $20,000 for food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to hire a recent post-secondary graduate


Local Food Fund

Anything that impacts the supply chain/existing product or launching a new product.

Funding pool of around $10 million to improve access to and awareness of local food in Ontario through projects that utilize Enhanced Technologies, Regional and Local Food Networks, Research and Best Practices, and Education



Abilities Connect Fund

The Abilities Connect Fund creates a more integrated Ontario labour market and improves the career trajectory of persons with a disability. Through the Abilities Connect Fund, we provide financial assistance to employers to create experiential learning employment opportunities for persons with a disability. Preference will be given to applicants that hire students/recent graduates with a disability. The Fund also helps to remove financial barriers associated with accommodating employees with disabilities in the workplace. http://www.occ.ca/programs/accessibility-works/abilities-connect/

Apprenticeship Tax Credits

Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit

Credit covers the training of new trades employees.


• Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit

Incentive to allow SME’s to hire new apprentices in trades.


Business Innovation Access Program (BIAP)

Funding pool of $20 million to help SMEs access business services or technical assistance at Canada’s learning institutions


Canadian Small Business Financing Act (Federal Loan product)

Up to $500,000 to help new businesses get started and established firms make improvements and expand and stimulate economic growth and create jobs for Canadians


Canadian Youth Business Foundation (Young entrepreneurs under age of 39)

Up to a total of $45,000 for aspiring entrepreneurs, between the ages of 18 and 39, to launch their businesses


CME SMART Prosperity Now (Capital equipment)

Through the project funding component, companies will receive a contribution of 35% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $100,000, whichever is less.


Digital Media Tax Credit

40% of eligible Ontario labour expenditures and eligible marketing and distribution to create "non-specified" interactive digital media products in Ontario.


Emerging Technologies Program

Funding of large, new and/or strategic advanced technology initiatives in the Ontario manufacturing industry

  • Public sector applicants: Covers 50% of costs, up to $1 million
  • o Private sector applicants: Covers one third of eligible costs, up to $1 million

EODF - Eastern Ontario Development Fund (Job creation component - Cobourg to Ottawa)

Supports projects that create jobs, encourage innovation, and attract private sector investment Business stream: up to 15% of eligible project costs for a maximum grant of $1.5 million (Successful applicants will need to contribute at least 50% of total costs).

Regional stream: up to 50% of eligible project costs for a maximum grant of up to $1.5 million (Successful applicants will need to contribute at least 35% of total costs).


Export Market Access (Tradeshows outside of Canada)

EMA program will cover 50% of the eligible costs to help SMEs increase access to global markets. Non-repayable contributions generally range from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $30,000 (with the exception of capital bidding projects which generally would not exceed $35,000)


Growing Forward 2 Funding (Federal program - Agri-Marketing Program)

Cost-sharing grants for 50-75% of project costs, aimed at supporting the agricultural industry in Ontario to expand, innovate and become more competitive.


OCE Voucher Programs

Eligible Ontario companies receive one of four vouchers, which is a credit, that they can redeem for expertise and resources from Ontario universities, colleges and research hospitals to advance productivity and commercialization.


Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) – First Job & Other Talent Programs

Help for early stage SME’s to assist in research & development, commercialization and training, including:

    • Small R&D projects support for 4-6 months with up to $25k grant
    • Larger R&D projects for up to 9-12 months with 20-25% in kind contribution from SME’s
    • Technology validation
    • Up to $40k funding for placement of new Graduates with SME’s


Ontario Exporters Fund

Grant, of up to $50K, towards the hiring of an Export Manager to help aid international market development.


Ontario Power Authority (OPA) - Conservation Fund

Focused on the development of innovative conservation initiatives and technologies. Maximum funding support differs for various types of projects.


Rural Economic Development Fund (RED) (50% Grant)

Up to 90% reimbursement of costs if projects prove to promote regional economic development activities in rural southern Ontario

  • Planning Stream: Research and investigation into potential economic development opportunities
  • Implementation Stream: execution of projects related to regional economic development, regional marketing/branding, attracting & retaining skilled


SOFII (Loan product for working capital)

Offering loans of $150,000 to $500,000 to support all aspects of growth challenges facing SMEs in rural and urban communities


Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program

20-35% investment tax credits for Canadian corporations that conduct scientific research and experimental development.


SMART Program: Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

50% funding, up to $50,000, per project to promote growth for SMEs


Marketing & IT - Career Connect (ICTC)

The Information and Communications Technology Council provides funding to hire unemployed or underemployed youth. The program is not currently accepting applications.


Yves Landry (Training that supports any area that leads to innovation)

Non-repayable grant aimed at accelerating innovation through training support for technology development related projects. Training that leads to innovation may include:

  • Development of new engineering skills
  • Training of new IT best practices and other tools for innovation
  • Embracing new technologies, new materials or processes and new manufacturing methods


The Market Xpansion Loan from BDC Business Development Bank of Canada

For Canadian businesses who are expanding within the domestic marketplace or exploring new and larger foreign markets. Receive up to $250,000 from BDC as a long-term financing option with an interest rate of prime + 2%.


FedDev funding options

FedDev Ontario delivers programming to help create, retain and grow businesses, cultivate partnerships and build strong communities. This will support a strong southern Ontario economy and position the region to compete globally.


Mentor Works provides online resources at no cost. You can visit their website for a list of funding sources that your company is specifically elgibile for.