Interview Room

Meet Selected Talent On-Site at Western

Meet your top candidates in our dedicated on-campus interview suite at Western. Our interview rooms are comfortable, private and free-to-use for employers who post on CareerCentral. In addition, we are centrally located on-campus, making use of our facilities convenient for both you and students. We also provide parking, and a quiet space to debrief in our recruiter lounge…making this the perfect place to recruit on-campus!

Reserving an Interview Room

Please send your request to:  interviews@uwo.ca

Our on-Campus Interview rooms are available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Priority is given to employers recruiting new graduates, interns and co-op students.

We ask that you request interview rooms at least 4 business days in advance.

Interview room reservations can be requested prior to the job posting deadline, however scheduling cannot begin until the posting has closed. Directions and parking information will be provided upon confirmation of interview room booking.

Managing Your Schedule

In addition to hosting your interviews on-site, we are also happy to manage your interview schedule for new graduate, intern and co-op positions. If you would like us to manage your schedule, please e-mail interviews@uwo.ca with the following information:

  1. Name of Organization and CareerCentral user name
  2. Position for which you are interviewing
  3. The names and email addresses of the candidates you wish to interview
  4. The date you would like to conduct interviews
  5. The time you would like to begin interviewing
  6. The length of interviews
  7. Any scheduled breaks you would like
  8. Names of your interviewers

We will send you a final interview schedule via email, no later than the day before your scheduled interviews.

Conditions of Use: