Western's Internship Program

The Student Success Centre centrally supports Western’s Internship Program, offered in the faculties of:

An internship is an extended period of work, typically 12 to 16 months continuous duration. Students are employed in settings which provide work experience directly related to their academic programs and career objectives. The setting may be the private, public, or not-for-profit sector.

Students typically leave school for a year to work for an employer who is offering a 12 to 16 month work term, which will provide education-related work experience. In certain cases, 8 month terms can be arranged. Competitive annual salaries in the range of $35,000 to $50,000 are offered to students for internship positions.

Benefits of internship for employers

Recruiters, like you, definitely see the benefits of hiring and training students with several years of academic education to take on major projects and responsibilities. Both students and employers may find that there is a good match of interests leading to a full time job offer after graduation. Internship students are regarded as regular employees taking on responsibilities far beyond the typical duties assigned to 4 month co-op or summer students.

Students participating in Western's Internship Program

Internship programs are available to students in Management and Organizational Studies, and the faculties of Engineering and Science. Students applying for internship employment must have a minimum average of 65% (Engineering) or 70% (all other programs) and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Please contact the faculty or department or additional qualifications.

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Employer Responsibilities

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Student Responsibilities

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On the job, the student will:

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