Western's Internship Program

Many programs at Western include the opportunity to pursue an internship and/or co-op experience. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and gain work experience in a private, public, or not-for-profit setting related to their degree program and career objectives.

Work terms vary in length; short-term internship/co-op programs can run 10 weeks to 4 months in duration (often during summer term). Long-term internship programs can span 8 to 16 months and take place between a student’s 3rd and 4th years of study. Visit the WIL Directory for more information on program offerings.

Employer Responsibilities

It is expected the employer will:

  • extend all job offers through the Internship Coordinator
  • confirm acceptance of job offers and terms of employment in writing to students
  • honour all offers of employment
  • provide a job that relates to the position posted
  • provide accurate and complete information on job responsibilities, compensation, and benefits
  • assign a mentor or advisor, to assist the student to identify goals and clarify role and responsibilities
  • treat the student as an employee
  • provide the student with relevant training and development opportunities
  • monitor student's progress, and provide formal/informal feedback on a timely basis to both the student and to the institution

Student Responsibilities

It is expected the student will:

  • provide accurate and appropriate information on their qualifications and interests when applying for positions
  • notify the Internship Coordinator well in advance if interviews must be rescheduled or cancelled
  • notify the Internship Coordinator of acceptance or decline of an offer within two business days
  • honour the acceptance of a job offer, since it is a contractual agreement with both the employer and the university

On the job, the student will:

  • be responsible and accountable
  • respect safety and the environment
  • demonstrate ethical and professional judgment
  • be punctual, resourceful, adaptable, and productive
  • recognize and respect the employer/employee relationship: communicate progress and areas of concern with the employer first, then the Internship Coordinator

Recruiting a Western Intern:

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