Hire Students Through Formal Internship/Co-op Programs

Intern and employer working together at table

Western is dedicated to connecting you to an extraordinary talent pool. Our work integrated learning programs are designed as part of academic programs to fulfill the skill requirements you expect from students in the internships/co-ops that you hire for. To maximize your experience, we strongly encourage you to partner with us by hiring students through formal internship/co-op programs.

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Benefits of partnering with Western through formal internship/co-op programs

  • Promote and recruit for your positions on Western Connect, Western’s free self-serve internship and job portal.

  • Gain visibility with extraordinary talent as thousands of Western students use Western Connect for their internship and job search.

  • Access personalized support throughout the recruitment and hiring process, including assistance with building EDI and accessibility into your recruitment strategy.

  • Receive assistance with scheduling interviews, including access to on-campus interview suites.

  • Qualify for tax credits and government funding, and receive support from the university with the completion of required forms.

  • Ensure that the student continues to have access to health and dental care and avoids potential risks to the status of student loans or scholarships.

  • Ensure that students in formal internship/co-op programs focus on achieving the goals of the work term by limiting any coursework taken to a maximum of 0.5 credit course per term.

  • Ensure that the student has the support of the university throughout the work term, including regular check-ins with university staff and completion of deliverables designed to support the success of the internship/co-op.
  • Receive support from university staff throughout the student’s work term and assistance with any questions or concerns.

Important considerations if hiring a student intern outside of a formal internship program

  1. We are unable to provide documentation to support applications for tax credits or government funding.

  2. We are unable to to provide support to the employer or student during their work term as it is not a formal internship/co-op as part of an academic program. 

What employers are saying about working through formal internship programs with Western

“We are immensely grateful for the outstanding contributions that interns from Western University have made to our firm. Their innovative ideas and strong work ethic have significantly impacted our projects and initiatives. The partnership between our organization and the Careers & Experience team has been incredibly fruitful, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and skills that benefits both our teams and the students alike.”

– Courtney Santin, Senior Specialist, Campus Recruitment, BDO Canada LLP