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As a tool for employers, we have assembled some great resources and links to community support partners which can help your organization support accessible work integrated learning and employment. This is important information for managers, employees, and human resources professionals to know.

Know of a great resource not mentioned here? Let us know so we can add it!

Legal Resources on Accessibility

Accessibility in Ontario

Learn about the laws and frameworks for making Ontario more accessible. Find out how to comply with accessibility requirements and when you need to report on compliance.

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Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Legislation for Ontario (AODA)

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Completing your Accessibility Compliance Report

A guide on submitting your compliance report with deadlines (for public sector organizations and companies with over 20 employees).

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Free AODA Online Training

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was enacted to expand the government’s mission to offer full accessibility to all disabled Ontarians by 2025. This program will cover basic information about AODA, comprehensive details about its standards, and the benefits they offer Ontarians.

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Accessible Recruiting

Tips for Employers: Language and Disability

A guide to inclusive language for hiring and supervising.

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Discover Ability Roadmap

Everything you need to know about hiring people with disabilities.

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5 Steps for Creating a Culture That Attracts and Welcomes Employees with Disabilities

LinkedIn article which outlines steps to creating an inclusive workplace and welcoming employees with disabilities.

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Accessible Recruitment Checklist

Tips to increasing the inclusiveness of your interviews for candidates with disabilities.

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Accessible Employers.ca

Includes information for job posting, pre-employment tests, interviews and more.

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Accessible Retention

A TO Z of Disabilities and Accommodations

A to Z listings by disability, topic, and limitation. This information is designed to help employers and individuals determine effective accommodations.

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Tips for Service Providers Communicating with Students about Workplace Accommodations

Accommodations are reasonable adjustments made at any stage of the employment journey that equalize outcomes for people with disabilities.

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Employer Toolkit Hire for Talent

This Canada-wide awareness campaign aims to increase employer awareness about how people with disabilities are a talented part of the workforce, and provides resources to help employers tap into this talent pool during their search for skilled workers.

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Building Disability Etiquette in the Workplace

Building disability etiquette in the workplace is an important step in creating an accessible and inclusive workplace. This link has some general suggestions to follow to ensure mindful and respectful interactions with employees with disabilities.

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Building an Inclusive Workplace

Offering an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities does not mean implementing big changes. This link has considerations in the process.

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Supporting Employees with Arthritis

The Arthritis and Work web portal provides strategies to help employees with arthritis manage their symptoms in the workplace and beyond, as well as information about your rights and responsibilities as an employer, tips for creating an arthritis-friendly workplace, as well as possible accommodation options if needed.

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Community Resources

Words Matter

A guideline for inclusive language in the workplace.

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Jobs Ability Canada

Tools and resources for both job seekers and employers.

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Lime Connect

Lime Connect is a global not-for-profit organization that's rebranding disability through achievement. We do that by attracting, preparing, and connecting these high potential individuals for scholarships, the Lime Connect Fellowship Program, the Lime Connect Foundations Program, and internships and full-time careers with our corporate partners - the world's leading corporations.

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Specialisterne Canada Inc. is a charitable not-for-profit Canadian organization focused on services for employers, employees, as well as outreach and public education. We are closely aligned with our partner, Specialisterne Foundation (SPF) in Denmark, and its affiliates around the globe. The shared goal of these organizations is to enable one million jobs worldwide for people on the autism spectrum and similar neurodiversities.

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CNIB Blindness at Work

Working with someone who is blind or partially sighted is no different than working with anyone else. People with sight loss excel in a wide range of careers with the help of technology and simple workplace accommodations. This website contains information on accommodations, creating an inclusive workplace and hiring someone with sight loss.

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Canadian Mental Health Association: Supporting a Colleague and/or Staff

This webpage has descriptions and links for CMHA workplace programs “Not Myself Today” and" “Workplace Mental Health Training.”

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Mental Health in the Workplace: An Accommodation Guide for Managers and Staff

Provides information on common accommodations for mental health.

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Ontario Mental Health Supports

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn about supports available to you, and how to get help when you need it.

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Canadian Hearing Services: Employment Services at CHS

Information for businesses on accessibility, employment, and education, including consultants who can provide you with strategies to assist your organization.

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March of Dimes Canada

This downloadable document covers all aspects of the employment process. There are many other resources available at the March of Dimes.

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Resources in London, Ontario

ATN Opportunity Differently

ATN Client Services

We help jobseekers who experience disabilities or barriers get prepared for the workplace and connect you with job opportunities! Our Employment Specialists can help you explore new or different career opportunities and create an action plan for success based on your needs and situation. We will work together with you to help get prepared for the workplace and connect you with job opportunities!

ATN Business Services

Finding and retaining employees with the right skills and can-do attitudes is often challenging. Individuals with disabilities and/or barriers represent a largely untapped pool of qualified job-seekers with the potential to help your business succeed and grow! We have a large pool of qualified job seekers and program participants, and we can help you streamline your recruitment efforts and include on-site training supports and wage incentives!

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Learning Disabilities Association of London Region (LDALR)

The Learning Disabilities Association of London Region (LDALR) is a charitable, not-for-profit agency that serves the City of London as well as Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford counties. Through program offerings, individual coaching, advocacy and community resources, the LDALR provides ongoing strategies and accommodations for children and youth with LD/ADHD. We also provide support for parents of students with LD/ADHD.
The Learning Disabilities Association of London Region believes that everyone has the right to learn, the power to achieve, and the ability to succeed!

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Leads Employment Services

A not for profit employment and skills development agency. Since 1986, we have been providing specialized services for people with disabilities and/or employment-related barriers throughout Southwestern Ontario. At LEADS, Employment Specialists work with clients who need varying levels of assistance developing skills and accessing employment opportunities, and/or post-employment supports. We also work with employers who have hiring needs, including screening, matching, and on-boarding, and who want to save money and resources in training and accommodation

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We are pleased to offer support directly or will happily connect you with a community partner. Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Work Integrated Learning for help.


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