Employers Benefit by Hiring Extraordinary Talent from Western

Employer: London Health Sciences Centre
Supervisor: Daniel Neaves
Student: Andrea Good
Position: Occupational Health and Safety Intern, now hired in the role of FMESS Safety Advisor
Timeline of Internship: May to August, 2017 (full-time)
Program: Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management through Western Continuing Studies

My Experience Recruiting at Western – Daniel Neaves, LHSC

What skills and abilities from Western students do you value most?

Western students have integrated themselves in our team coming with a high level of regulatory knowledge and an ability to apply that knowledge practically.

What benefits have you experienced from hiring Western students for co-op, internship and practicum opportunities?

The students who have joined our team took full advantage of their practicum and established themselves as strong, contributing members of our team. We have successfully recruited from the practicum program after examining what these students are capable of. 

Why would you recommend employers recruit at Western?

We have had difficulty recruiting for some key positions on our team. Partnering with Western University has given us the ability to work with very high quality students who have proven that they are ready for industry with the tools they’ve been equipped with in the classroom.

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