Employers Benefit by Hiring Extraordinary Talent from Western

Employer: Middlesex-London Health Unit
Supervisor: Fatih Sekercioglu
Student: Nazia Ehsan and Vikram Arora
Timeline of Internship: May – August 2018
Program: Master of Public Health

My Experience Recruiting at Western – Fatih Sekercioglu, Middlesex-London Health Unit

How did the process of hiring a Western Student work for you?

I have been hiring Western MPH students for the past few years and the process has always been very easy. The MPH Program takes a very proactive approach in arranging placements for their students, taking much of the ‘hiring’ burden off of employers.

What skills and abilities from Western students do you value most?

Western MPH students bring sound knowledge and our work environment at MLHU complements their academic strengths by offering a unique, practical, hands-on experience.

What benefits have you experienced from hiring Western students for co-op, internship and practicum opportunities?

The students work on projects that require a certain level of knowledge and skills. Overall, they have contributed to evaluating our current programs and services, and also exploring ways to enhance our current program and service levels to better serve the public.

Why would you recommend employers recruit at Western?

The MPH Program is a high-caliber program offering a combination of both in-class and experiential learning. Students start their practicums just after completing a demanding two semesters of study and have always seemed to be ready to take on challenges at their practicum placements. I have experienced significant benefits as the MPH students were able to produce fruitful results by the end of their practicums and several of them have continued working with our organization.

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