Employers Benefit by Hiring Extraordinary Talent from Western

Employer: Horton Street Seniors' Centre, Boys and Girls Club of London
Supervisor: Emily Bright
Students: Sia Port and Taylor MacDougall
Timeline of Practicum: January to April 2020
Program: Kinesiology

My Experience Recruiting at Western – Emily Bright, Horton Street Seniors' Centre, Boys and Girls Club of London

What skills and abilities from Western students do you value most?

Western students have demonstrated a very good work ethic, willingness to learn, and ability to integrate into as many programs as possible. They bring a lot of professionalism and a strong knowledge base of health and body mechanics when demonstrating/assisting with exercises. I feel confident in their skills to assist our members with exercise execution, to help facilitate a group or class, and monitor our wellness Centre.

What benefits have you experienced?

Having Western students at the HSSC for placement has helped the Centre significantly. As we are a large recreational Centre with over 1200 members and only 3 senior staff, the students are a huge asset to our Centre. They assist in the Fitness Room with member orientations and exercise prescriptions and executions. They also help with fitness classes and various administration tasks.

Why would you recommend employers recruit at Western?

I would recommend employers to hire Western students as they thoroughly demonstrate a strong skill set and are always professional and eager to learn new skills. They have been very reliable and adaptable to new tasks and projects. Western students have shown to work very well both independently and in a group environment and always build a strong rapport with all members, staff, and volunteers.

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