Employers Benefit by Hiring Extraordinary Talent from Western

Employer: Canada Revenue Agency
Supervisor: Ting Lim
Student: Adriana Erdman, James Lao, Yi Xin Xu, Veronica Grunwald, Sandy Hanna, Laura Jolliffe-O'Meara
Position: CRA Interns
Timeline of Internship: 8 - 16 months
Program: DAN Internship Program

My Experience Recruiting at Western – Ting Lim, Canada Revenue Agency

What skills and abilities from Western students do you value most?

Students fill a variety of exciting and challenging jobs in various areas, doing work that matters to all Canadians. We value individuals who:

  • Proudly deliver high quality service and uphold the public interest;
  • Possess our core values: professionalism, respect, integrity and collaboration;
  • Are self-motivated team players who are ready to gain practical experience in the workforce.

What benefits have you experienced from hiring Western students for co-op, internship and practicum opportunities?

Students provide an important contribution to the Public Service of Canada. They bring a fresh perspective on the way we do business - offering new and unique solutions to old challenges. By hiring students we are tapping into the future. Students add value to our organization and have allowed us to experiment with the introduction of skills and abilities into our organization from disciplines we have not traditionally hired from.

Why would you recommend employers recruit at Western?

The CRA supports opportunities for students across Canada to develop the skills and experience they need to succeed. Western’s internship programs are very well supported by The Student Success Centre. Internship coordinators assist employers through every step of the process.

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